Philadelphia, Washington Square Park (PA)

Historic Philadelphia – Washington Square Park [Set 1]

I enjoyed my walk through Washington Square Park.  Although it was raining on and off that day, I was able to find benches to keep from getting wet.  Plus, I had my umbrella up to help shield me from the water that was dripping from the trees.

I witnessed a wedding photo shoot taking place right in the middle of the park.  It was lovely to watch.  I actually had the chance to compliment the bride after I noticed a slew of colorful tattoos on one of her arms.  She smiled a big smile at me as I walked on to capture some of the photos below.  Along my walk, I had the pleasure of speaking with an older man, probably a grandfather, who was busy feeding a group of birds that kept flying around him.  He initiated the conversation after he saw me taking photos of the flags.  It was like an impromptu history lesson.  He knew quite a bit of information about Pennsylvania as well as Delaware.

Sitting across from him was an older lady who spoke with me about the tomb after I asked if it was the tomb of the unknown soldier.  She confirmed that it was and began to give me her opinion on the bravery of the soldier and of other soldiers who fought in past wars.  I snapped a few more photos in that area before walking back to one of the benches to rest my feet.















Beneath this stone rests a soldier of Washington’s Army who died to give you liberty. (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier)


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